Welcome to my website

Inge is an Animal Communicator and also a healer of both animals and people. For over 2 decades she has remained focused on spiritual growth, developing her psychic and healing abilities. Due to her love for animals she was drawn towards Animal Communication and Healing.

Animal Communication

Animals communicate all the time through telepathy. When Inge asks an animal a question she receives answers in the form of pictures, feelings, words and emotions. She can give you messages from your pet about how they are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and so much more.

Animal healing

Animals respond well to energy healing. A healing treatment is effective on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level (holistic). Most animals understand it instinctively and are very receptive. Inge regularly performs distance energy healing because energy and spirit are not restricted by time and space.


If you have an open mind and love your animal, you too can learn intuitive communication and energy healing. By using simple exercises and visualizations you can learn to talk to your own animals and hear what they have to say or need. Inge will be there to teach you everything you need to know.


  • Behaviour issues: dog barking, dog chewing, trailer training horses, cat litter tray problems
  • Health: help your animal deal with chronic illness, prepare for surgery, learn to live with an acute condition (such as amputation)
  • Emotional issues: depression, separation anxiety, trauma, aggression
  • Reveal an unknown past from a rescue animal
  • Helping to choose a new animal for your family
  • Preparing existing animals for the arrival of a new companion
  • Improving relationships between multiple animals
  • Preparing your animal for major changes such as moving house, divorce etc.
  • Your animal's life purpose
  • Pet loss: is your animal ready to pass on, does he/she have any final requests
  • Pet bereavement; both for the remaining pets as well as the family members