Why do you need an animal communicator?

  • Behaviour issues: dog barking, dog chewing, trailer training horses, cat litter tray problems
  • Health: help your animal deal with chronic illness, prepare for surgery, learn to live with an acute condition (such as amputation)
  • Emotional issues: depression, separation anxiety, trauma, aggression
  • Reveal an unknown past from a rescue animal
  • Helping to choose a new animal for your family
  • Preparing existing animals for the arrival of a new companion
  • Improving relationships between multiple animals
  • Preparing your animal for major changes such as moving house, divorce etc.
  • Connecting with lost animals: find out whether your animal is alive and safe. What has happened and if he/she can come home. If not, why not etc. ( see tracking lost animals )
  • Your animal’s life purpose
  • Pet loss: is your animal ready to pass on, does he/she have any final requests
  • Pet bereavement; both for the remaining pets as well as the family members