Clients Comments

Clare Brannan

Inge is a genuine lady with a genuine talent for communicating with animals; she has completely transformed my rescue dog’s life. She has turned a very scared and sad dog into a happy, relaxed and fun girl. The change is remarkable and something I thought would take years to achieve, if ever.

I have always had dogs, including rescue dogs, and always successfully trained them and turned their lives around, but my newest adoption Pippa was proving to be a challenge. In desperation to make her life happier, I decided at the suggestion of a dog trainer to see Inge, as we had reached plateau with her training and her emotional development.
However, l confess I was sceptical as to how anyone could effectively “talk” to my dog, so I did a bit more research into Inge and found that she also had the endorsement of my vet, so I called her.

Inge wanted very little information, just a photo of Pippa, her age, name and how long we had had her and I simply said that she “growled out of character”.

This was just one problem I had with her, there were many others to address. The consultation (without Pippa present) started with Inge telling me my dog’s background. During this I was still sceptical because I didn’t know her background and it was not something I could prove was either right or wrong. But everything she said did fit exactly with her personality and what my vet and I had presumed had happened to her. When I took Pippa from the refuge she could hardly walk due to muscle wastage from what we presumed was having spent all her life in a very small space. By the time Inge saw her photo she was a normal, fit, healthy dog no evidence of muscle wastage, but Inge immediately told me she had been kept in a small space all her life.

She described in detail how she was when she arrived at my house, she stood on the doorstep looking in the house and was too scared to go in for about an hour, then took one step in and one step out again, until eventually she dared to go in. This was precisely how it happened and Inge could not have described the situation better if she had been there herself! By this time I knew that Inge was indeed doing what she claimed to do: communicating with my dog very successfully. As much as I found it unbelievable I had to believe it, the evidence was there.

She told me that Pippa was fearful of dogs and growled if anyone touched her when she was lying down, again totally correct. She described Pippa’s terrible past life that had led her to have an awareness of her space and why when dogs came up too close she would growl in fear. This was the main reason I contacted Inge because we were confused as to why a very sweet, gentle dog would suddenly growl. With this knowledge it meant that at training classes the other dog owners kindly respected Pippa’s space and she has gradually improved and some dogs can now be very close to her without her feeling anxious.

Having seen through Inge what animal communication can achieve, I decided to go to one of her workshops to see if I could understand it a bit more. I was far too skeptical to expect that I would leave the workshop being able to communicate with my dogs myself, but what a surprise I had. Inge is unique, I will never be another Inge, but she has taught me how to communicate with my dogs which has enriched both mine and their lives. I would recommend anyone with animals to contact Inge, you will be amazed with the results. I only wish I had known Inge when I had my previous rescue dogs.

After having a consultation with Inge when she communicated with my rescue dog Pippa, I was so amazed with how accurate she was, that I decided to take Pippa to see Inge to receive some “hands on” healing. Pippa was a very mentally damaged dog from past abuse, she was fearful of everything, so I was anxious not to do anything that made her feel uncomfortable. I didn’t have to worry though; Inge was gentle, calm and obviously had a profound effect on Pippa, because within a short space of time, Pippa was lying down, relaxed and content, something that she only ever did at home where she felt safe. I could see what a genuine talent Inge has, the proof was right there in front of me, Pippa lying on a bed which was not hers, snoozing happily.

I have continued taking Pippa to Inge for healing and the results have been unbelievable. Just one example is that Pippa suddenly developed anxiety when I left her and she gathered anything of mine up in a pile and chewed it. I mentioned this problem to Inge when I saw her, because whilst I could remove everything in sight so there was nothing to chew, this didn’t help my dog’s anxiety. Inge gave healing to Pippa and from that moment on Pippa has never, ever chewed anything since, and also from that moment on, before I even leave the house she is in her bed relaxed and quite happy that I am leaving.

Every time I take Pippa to see Inge, she leaves a much happier and more balanced dog. I am so interested in the results I have seen, that I have decided to do Inge’s healing workshop so that I can understand more. I have a lot to thank Inge for, she has changed my dog’s life, Pippa is now learning to relax and enjoying life so much.

Heather Behan, UK

We initially asked Inge if she would do a reading for our ageing Rottweiler, as we wanted to know the level of pain he was in. We knew he was in pain but, being of a typically stoic breed, he wasn’t showing how much. We wanted to know how much pain relief he needed to make life bearable for him. Inge gave us the information we needed and consequently we have been able to give him the right amount.

Whilst tuning into the dog Inge received quite a few gems of his opinions about things like coming to Spain, the weather and various people around him. It was all so fascinating – so much so that I enrolled on one of Inge’s upcoming animal communication workshops. Instead of keeping her secrets to herself like many professionals, Inge is passionate about teaching people to do what she does and believes that we can all communicate with animals.

I wasn’t so sure about myself being able to do this but I wanted to give it a go. Nothing could have surprised me more when I started to get authenticable results. As Inge put us into pairs for tuning into the other’s animal, we were both in a position to authenticate or otherwise what we came up with. The results were truly remarkable for me and my partner that day and both of us were able to authenticate the other’s findings. I have since gone on to practice with more animals and I have been bowled over by what I’ve been getting. Everyone who loves animals and wants to learn how to really communicate with them should go on one of Inge’s workshops.

Jean Gilhead – Intuitive Healer

Communicating with animals is something I’d wanted to do for as long as I can remember both for the love of them and to assist my healing work. I’ve always felt a deep understanding of the needs and wishes of my cats, and doing Inge’s workshop confirmed this. Her methods were simple and easy to learn, and helped me realise just how much our dear companions have to say to us. It was a dream come true for me – thank you, Inge.

The first time I asked Inge to communicate with my two cats, I seriously needed to know what was going on as a situation was getting dangerous. The dominant cat, Squeaky Monkey was getting very aggressive for no apparent reason and the other, Sosidge was turning into a trembling wreck and losing confidence rapidly.

After SM explained what was going on in her head – in a nutshell jealousy and possessiveness towards me prompted by my going away for a few days – Inge gave her a gentle ‘talking-to’ on my behalf and the situation started to improve immediately.
I have used Inge’s special skills on several occasions now, whenever there’s something I feel my two are trying to say but I’m not hearing clearly, and each time the situation resolves itself.

For me, having Inge available on the end of the phone is a lifeline, and I trust her ability to communicate with my precious girls absolutely.
Iris Maas, Estepona, Spain
When I heard about Inge at the veterinary clinic I decided to contact her. My dog was having health problems and nothing seemed to help. I was convinced that if only she could talk she would be able to explain me where her fears and problems would come from. The first consult would be at Inge’s home and I was quite excited. Maybe my dog had something she wanted me to know but that I just could not “understand”?

Inside the consult room at Inge’s place (splendid view!) my dog, nervous as she was, suddenly stood still and literally stared into Inge’s eyes for quite some time. There seemed to be a connection between the two of them. Throughout the consultation Inge explained me how animals in fact communicate with each other and how humans can actually learn to do this as well.

I thought she was very professional and I liked her straightforwardness. What stroke me most is the fact that Inge could see what my dog went through the first three months of her life (the period before she came to our house).
Iris Maas

My dog was extremely nervous, suffering from chronic cystitis, had a leg problem, and she was drinking copious amounts of water. Inge told she had had a rather bad start in the first period of her life. She has never had enough water to drink and was used to stuff herself with water whenever it would be available. This was exactly what she was doing at our house: drinking as much as she could, her belly would almost explode! When Inge explained to my dog that from now on she would not have to worry anymore about the lack of water she stopped drinking like a maniac. Inge could also see that my dog was suffering from Osteo Chondritis Dissecans (OCD; a joint/articulation problem with dogs).
Later on this has been confirmed by our vet in the clinic with the help of an x-ray. Luckily we found this out at an early stage so we have been able to solve the problem by giving supplements and could avoid an operation.

At home I practiced on my dogs what Inge had taught me. Having met with Inge gave me a lot of insight into the traumatic youth of my dog which has been of great use ever since. It helped me to take certain things into account and finally I was able to win my dog’s confidence. Inge also gave my dog some distance healing which helped her every day through this difficult period of her life.

Later on I participated in the workshop ‘animal communication’ at Inge’s house. It helped me to even better understand my dog’s language and behaviour.
Today my dog is much more balanced, happy and healthy and I would like to thank Inge for that!
Mary Rodríguez M.A. (Hons), Cert. Ed. Tellington TTouch Practitioner

I had had one previous experience of animal communication before I met Inge and the information provided had been helpful so I decided to consult Inge to see just how far my pet had come. Her reading was quite impressive as she was able to gather information from the photograph I provided which she could not have known and which I had certainly not communicated to her as I had only met her briefly once prior to the consultation.

On the basis of these results I decided to take her introductory Animal Communication Workshop. The workshop was extremely well structured and pedagogically sound as the practical exercises we were given to do in pairs always had a verifiable answer which means that there was tangible evidence of what the participants were achieving.
I am now looking forward to attending a more advanced workshop.

However, the greatest help Inge has given me was when a recently rescued young cat did not come home one evening. By the following morning she had still not turned up so I knew that something serious must have happened. We searched and searched but to no avail. Finally in desperation I called Inge and asked her to tune in and see what she could discover. I asked her to ask the cat to please make her way home. Shortly afterwards Inge called back to say that the cat could not make her own way home because she was trapped somewhere very near the house.

She told me to go out and she would ask her to call. This we did and we did hear a call but at that precise moment traffic masked the sound which then stopped. Later we went out again and once again Inge said she would ask the cat to call. This time we were able to locate her: she was trapped in a drain under the road. No wonder she had stopped calling the first time with the thunderous noise of traffic overhead! With the aid of a crowbar we were able to lift the grille and my husband went down into the drain and called the cat who was under the road itself.

It was a frightened and bedraggled cat that we took home! If it had not been for Inge’s intervention we would probably never have found her and she would have died of starvation under the road, so I am immensely grateful for Inge’s help and have nothing but praise for her professional outlook.

Nazli C. Kreft – van den Kieboom DVM, Ma 851

As a veterinarian with more than 24 years of experience in treating companion animals, I have come to appreciate animal communication more and more.
It provides an added value in evaluating the animal’s wellbeing and emotional involvement with which we can achieve optimal treatment, response and recovery.