“Inge could also see that my dog was suffering from Osteo Chondritis Dissecans. Later on this was confirmed by our vet in the clinic with the help of an x-ray.”

“Inge is a genuine lady with a genuine talent for communicating with animals.”

“She has completely transformed my rescue dog’s life.”

“She has turned a very scared and sad dog into a happy, relaxed and fun girl.”

“…Everything she said did fit exactly with her personality and what my vet and I had presumed had happened to her.”

“She described in detail how she was when she arrived at my house, precisely how it happened. Inge could not have described the situation better if she had been there herself!”

“Her reading was quite impressive as she was able to gather information from the photograph I provided which she could not have known and which I had certainly not communicated to her ”

“I only wish I had known Inge when I had my previous rescue dogs.”

“Inge was gentle, calm and obviously had a profound effect on Pippa, because within a short space of time, Pippa was lying down, relaxed and content…”

“I have a lot to thank Inge for, she has changed my dog’s life.”

“Whilst tuning into the dog Inge received quite a few gems of his opinions about things like… the weather and various people around him. It was all so fascinating.”

“Today my dog is much more balanced, happy and healthy, and I would like to thank Inge for that.”

“Having Inge available on the end of the phone is a lifeline, and I trust her ability to communicate with my precious girls absolutely.”

“She was very professional and I liked her straightforwardness. What struck me most is the fact that Inge could see what my dog went through the first three months of her life, the period before she came to our house.”

“…Finally I was able to win my dog’s confidence. Inge also gave my dog some distance healing which helped her every day through this difficult period of her life.”


On the training courses:

“The results were truly remarkable for me and my partner.”

“Her methods were simple and easy to learn, and helped me realise just how much our dear companions have to say to us. It was a dream come true for me – thank you, Inge.”

“Instead of keeping her secrets to herself like many professionals, Inge is passionate about teaching people to do what she does and believes that we can all communicate with animals.”

“The workshop was extremely well-structured and pedagogically sound as the practical exercises we were given to do in pairs always had a verifiable answer, which means that there was tangible evidence of what the participants were achieving.”

“She has taught me how to communicate with my dogs which has enriched both mine and their lives.”