Animal communication

One of the first things people want to know about a consultation is whether Inge needs to see the animal. The answer is NO.

You can talk intuitively to an animal, even when he is asleep; it is completely different from spoken language.

Inge works with clients on the telephone and no matter what the distance, the results are equally accurate. According to her ‘it feels like the animal is sitting right next to me and taking an active part in the consultation’.

Unfortunately not many people have learned yet to talk intuitively to their animals.
This means that quite often the problems the animals have go unnoticed until they show severe health or behavioural problems. Consulting an animal communicator is often a last resort, after precious time has passed by and a lot of money has been spent.

When Inge connects with an animal, she will first ask the owner a few questions about the animal such as their name and how long they have had the animal. She can tune in to see how the animal feels about life, their purposes, concerns, attitudes and what they like.

However, if the client asks specific questions about their pet this facilitates a consultation to a higher level. Animals do not always talk about your areas of concern, nor do they always see life as you do. All questions about health, behaviour, past, present and attitudes are welcome.

Inge’s ability to comprehend what the animal is telling her is helped if she first has your input about any health or behavioural problems. She can then get the animal’s viewpoint. Just by asking if the animal is in pain, or if something is wrong with them, is not necessarily productive, and especially if they do not feel something is wrong with them.

This direct communication can give a whole new outlook on your animal and their problems and concerns. Pets and horses in particular are usually grateful to have their humans understand them better. Inge will help you work to resolve misunderstandings and behavioural issues. Sometimes she can advise on nutritional needs and work with you to help you restore, clear and clean your animal’s energy system through healing.

Above all, do not expect her to tell you every detail that has happened to your animal in its life. Your pet will tell Inge what they want her to tell you. Many pets, just like humans, can’t remember everything that has happened to them, nor do they tell everything from the past.

The past is usually important to an animal when there has been abuse and they want their new owner to understand them and why they act in a certain way. The present is more important to them and that is what they focus on.

So have an open mind and a positive attitude, and you will find your consultation revealing and helpful.