About Inge

Inge is an Animal Communicator and also a healer of both animals and people. For over 2 decades she has remained focused on spiritual growth, developing her psychic and healing abilities. Due to her love for animals she was drawn towards Animal Communication and Healing.

Inge was a language teacher in Holland for 15 years and her interest in the more spiritual side of communication seemed to be a very natural progression. She therefore embarked on training, taking many courses varying from NLP, Meditation, Bodywork therapies etc.
In 2005 she completed an 8 year course at the IISHE (International Institute for Spiritual Healing Education) given by Bart ten Berge (who was trained by Bob Moore in Denmark) in spiritual healing and energy work (www.Inner-growth.org).

Her first encounter with animal communication was in 1999. Since then she has attended various animal communication workshops, given by internationally known communicators such as Marta Williams.

Given her background as a teacher, Inge has a natural ability to relate to people and animals in a compassionate manner. Because of her excellent interpersonal skills, she is a natural intermediary between animals and their owners, providing both with clear and concise messages, and listening well to what both animal and human have to say to each other.

You will find her to be very approachable, with a lovely sense of humour, but a warm and caring person for those in need, animals and owner alike. She works by the code of ethics for interspecies communicators.

A few years ago Inge moved to Spain where she offers consultations both locally in person and also at a distance by telephone. In addition to doing Animal Communication / Healing Presentations and workshops etc, she has been a guest on Talk Radio Europe, the largest English speaking radio station on the Costa del Sol, featuring regularly on both Hannah Murray’s pet show (2010) and ‘Pets Vets & Guests’ presented by David the Dogman (2011).

Inge’s native language is Dutch. She is also fluent in English, French and German. In addition she has acquired a high level of Spanish and therefore her consultations can be conducted in all of these languages.